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Wind Energy Constructors specializes in the construction of wind energy facilities, mobilizing expert resources to design, procure, erect, construct and manage the installation of these facilities to the highest standards of quality. Renewable Management Corporation, the parent company of Wind Energy Constructors, was founded in 1984 and quickly emerged as the leader in wind energy facility construction and operations management. During this period, the industry was new and construction deadlines were routinely tight in order to qualify for tax credits available at the time. Renewable Management Corporation earned its reputation by not missing deadlines and by pioneering construction techniques and safety protocols that are standards within the industry today.

In 2000, Wind Energy Constructors was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Renewable Management Corporation focused exclusively on the construction of utility scale wind energy facilities. Through specialization, the company was able to hone its skills in constructing wind energy facilities in a safe and efficient manner. In 2007, company founder and president Sean Roberts took the organization to a new level by assembling a management team of industry veterans who provide unique talents in all aspects of wind energy facility construction: engineering, financing, marketing and contract management.


WEC Expertise

Wind Energy Constructors is the preeminent constructor of wind power electrical energy generating facilities in the USA. As a company specializing in the materialization of wind energy facilities WEC mobilizes their expert resources to design, procure, erect, construct and manage the installation of the wind farm to the highest standards of quality.

- Civil Design - Meteorological Assessment
- Electrical Design - Financial Solutions
- Turbine Installation - Insurance Procurement
- Project Management - Request for Proposal
- Implementation - Preparation & Management




Project MW Turbine State Completion
Blackwell Wind 59.8 MW 26 Siemens 2.3 Oklahoma 2012
Caney River Wind 199.8 MW 111 Vestas 1.8 Kansas 2011
Alta Wind Energy Center 150.0 MW 100 GE 1.5 California 2010
High Lonesome Wind Ranch 100.0 MW 40 Clipper Liberty 2.5 New Mexico 2009
Wolf Ridge 112.5 MW 75 GE XLE 1.5 Texas 2008
Top of Iowa II 80.0 MW 40 G87 Iowa 2007
Cowboy Wind Phase II 40.5 MW 27 GE 1.5 Oklahoma 2005
Cowboy Wind Phase I 106.5 MW 71 GE 1.5 Oklahoma 2005
Crescent Ridge, LLC 54.5 MW 33 NEG Micon 1.65 Illinois 2004
Combine Hills I, LLC 41.0 MW 41 MHI 1000A Oregon 2003
New Mexico Wind Energy Center 204.0 MW 136 GE 1.5 New Mexico 2003
Palm Springs Mountain View III 21.8 MW 33 Vestas V47 Calofornia 2003
WEC Earlier Construction 923.59 MW 2984 Various CA, KS, WA, OR Pre 2003
Totals 2094 MW 3717
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