About WEC

Wind Energy Constructors (“WEC”) is the preeminent constructor of wind power electrical energy generating facilities in the USA. As a company specializing in the materialization of wind energy facilities (a “wind farm”) WEC mobilizes their expert resources to design, procure, erect, construct and manage the installation of the wind farm to the highest standards of quality.

Our clients benefit by engaging WEC, the specialist wind farm constructor, as it is only WEC who can provide the experience in construction and operations necessary to fabricate a world class wind energy facility. WEC are in a unique position to offer the wind farm owner the highest attention to detail with consideration for the safe, reliable, and efficient operations of the completed facility.

WEC puts safety first. As WEC has operated over 1400 turbines in extreme conditions for over 10 years, we incorporate into every wind farm consideration for the safety of not only the construction crews but also the operations and maintenance teams charged with the project on completion. Whilst on site the WEC Safety Group Monitor ensures that all personnel on site are educated in the WEC safety provisions covering the site and that safe work practices are incorporated into all aspects of their day. WEC has industry recognition as having developed the definitive safety program specific to the construction of wind farms. WEC have innovated safety programs, practices and methods which have been endorsed by work place safety organizations and are now industry requirements. WEC proudly reports that there have been zero reportable accidents on their five most recent jobs (446MW) and will work diligently to continue this record.

Our clients rely on WEC to design wind farm attributes to maximize their wind farm’s productivity. To the benefit of the client, WEC designs the electrical systems to minimize electrical losses, minimize the impact of isolation of a single wind turbine on the other operating units and integrate considerations for the maintenance of the system. The civil designs take into account similar considerations for the operation of the facility post construction such as designing roads for use in all seasons. The civil features are further enhanced to optimize the use of building materials and to minimize unnecessary costs. WEC has developed a turbine foundation design which has gained approval by leading consulting engineering firms and lenders’ independent engineers. The design is a development and further enhancement of the previously leading design. The WEC design has been implemented in the construction of over 300MW and has gained accolades from clients and independent engineers alike. The design is stronger and can be readily adapted to a wide range of environments and turbines.

As WEC has unmatched in house wind energy expertise the wind farm owner can rely on us to deliver a high quality integrated wind energy facility completed within budget and on time.

The compendium of expertise within WEC includes:

Civil Design
The WEC civil designers are industry leaders. Their designs have been utilized by the majority of wind energy facilities constructed both domestically and overseas since the early 1980s. The features of the civil design integrate characteristics developed from years of operations experience.

We pride ourselves on the efficiency our civil designs and take additional gratification by being able to offer WEC clients the state-of-the-art, most efficient, robust foundation design.

Electrical design
The electrical design team refines the collector, substation, transmission and interconnection facilities to minimize electrical losses, to have sustained reliability and to incorporate features to enable safe straight forward maintenance.

The designs are robust, and uniformly meet the highest standards for machine and personnel safety.

Turbine Installation
WEC are unmatched for their relationships with the worlds wind turbine manufacturers. WEC has developed installation procedures and manuals in excess of that supplied by the wind turbine manufacturers. A large wind turbine manufacturer has paid WEC the ultimate compliment by now adopting our procedures as their own.

We only use crane sub contractors with expertise in heavy equipment installation. WEC maintain an approved vendor list of heavy lift crane contractors. Prior to mobilization WEC re-instructs the operator on the specifics of crane safety specific to wind farms and wind turbine picking and assembly. This attention to crane safety and operation minimizes damage to machinery and unnecessary delays.

Project Management and Implementation
Due to the wealth of hand picked specialist wind energy facility experience in the WEC construction management team the client can count on the highest attention to detail and the experience to manage matters if unforeseen issues develop. WEC routinely implements communication channels with the wind farm owner to appraise the owner of schedule progress on a daily basis, a weekly report explaining the prior week’s activities and imminent advancement and a monthly formal project status report. Due to the WEC practices and procedures the client and lenders’ engineers can be quickly appraised of expected milestone completions and project energization dates.

WEC dedicates a project financial administrator to the project. With this dedicated resource subcontractors payment authorizations are processed expeditiously and material suppliers are maintained in good standing thus eliminating any interruption of the supply of services to the project.

With WEC’s real world experience and scrutinizing on-site presence the construction of a project goes as planned. The breadth of amassed wind energy construction experience within the WEC professionals results in smooth execution of the construction tasks and a thorough understanding of work progress by the client.

Additional services offered by WEC:
Meteorological assessment
Financing solutions
Insurance procurement
Request for Proposal preparation and management

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