Our Team

Sean Roberts
Sean is the President of Wind Energy Constructors. Sean is well known in the wind energy business and possesses a respected reputation and a high degree of integrity. He was an early participant in the US wind energy market’s development and has constructed projects since the early 1980s. He brings an unequalled wealth of experience to the design and implementation of today’s complex wind energy facilities. Under Sean’s leadership the company is focused on Safety, Quality, Schedule, Budget and Stakeholder Coordination. Sean also has extensive operating experience including manager in charge of multiple wind energy projects which included the largest facility of its type in the world at the time of construction. Sean has constructed many of the world’s largest wind energy facilities.

Kirk Tracey
Kirk is a Vice President, his efforts being concentrated in ensuring that the contracting is complete and that the undertakings in those contracts are completed. Kirk has 25 years of commercial and legal expertise. His proactive style and attention to detail results in a coordinated approach and ensures successful projects. Kirk has the experience to find innovative solutions to the most complex situations. He is a member of the California Bar.

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