Why Choose WEC

Our Mission

The Mission of Wind Energy Constructors is to:

  • Provide reasonably priced construction and installation
    services to wind energy developers within Budget
  • Complete wind energy construction in a Safe and
    efficient manner
  • Remain an ethical and honest Team Player
  • Build top Quality projects without defect
  • Track and report daily, weekly and monthly to insure
    project completes on Schedule


  • Safety Instruction and Safety Attitude vs. relying solely on Safety Enforcement
  • Continue our exemplary safety record -zero reportable accidents on our seven most recent jobs (535MW).
  • WEC has industry recognition as having developed the definitive safety program specific to the construction of wind farms. WEC has innovated safety programs, practices and methods which have been endorsed by work place safety organizations and are now industry implemented safety requirements.


Bid price is firm – we do not exploit change orders

Reasonable pricing

  • Working with the developer to identify cost savings
  • Proven proprietary designs Foundations and Roads

Weather delay policy

  • In the event crews are unable to work on a task due to high winds or weather, we endeavor to reassign them to another task. If makeup time is required outside normal working hours only additional regular time hours are charged.


We create a schedule with 2,000-5,000 line items to:

  • Identify critical path and possible scheduling conflicts
  • Tracking and reporting

We work with Developers to optimize the schedule

Daily tracking and weekly issue identification



  • Zero punch-list for Mechanical Completion
  • All Quality Managers are Aviation Industry trained
  • Safety and Quality go Hand in Hand
  • Construction and Operations Experience
  • Constantly reviewing and revising quality control systems

Team Player

Communication with the Owner/ developer/ financier

  • Daily schedule updates
  • Weekly reports
  • Formal Monthly reports

Flexibility in working with many Wind Turbine Manufacturers

We have experience working with

  • Air Force , DOD, DOE , Local Government, Counties, State Governments, Land Owners (Farmers and Ranchers), BLM, Utilities (electrical, gas and phone lines) and Oil and Gas companies.


Project MW Turbine State Completion
Blackwell Wind 59.8 MW 26 Siemens 2.3 Oklahoma 2012
Caney River Wind 199.8 MW 111 Vestas 1.8 Kansas 2011
Alta Wind Energy Center 150.0 MW 100 GE 1.5 California 2010
High Lonesome Wind Ranch 100.0 MW 40 Clipper Liberty 2.5 New Mexico 2009
Wolf Ridge 112.5 MW 75 GE XLE 1.5 Texas 2008
Top of Iowa II 80.0 MW 40 G87 Iowa 2007
Cowboy Wind Phase II 40.5 MW 27 GE 1.5 Oklahoma 2005
Cowboy Wind Phase I 106.5 MW 71 GE 1.5 Oklahoma 2005
Crescent Ridge, LLC 54.5 MW 33 NEG Micon 1.65 Illinois 2004
Combine Hills I, LLC 41.0 MW 41 MHI 1000A Oregon 2003
New Mexico Wind Energy Center 204.0 MW 136 GE 1.5 New Mexico 2003
Palm Springs Mountain View III 21.8 MW 33 Vestas V47 Calofornia 2003
WEC Earlier Construction 923.59 MW 2984 Various CA, KS, WA, OR Pre 2003
Totals 2094 MW 3717
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